Think into the FUTURE

Empowering leaders and organisations to become good ancestors

Be ahead of your time

'The future depends on what you do today.'

Mahatma Gandhi

Leaders of today are confronted with one of the most challenging times in history. Climate disruption, conflicts, and rising inequalities increase uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity.We are constantly asked to prioritise short-term decisions to make a quick return on investment.But what will be if our needs are not anymore fulfilled?The time has come for us to realise that real value creation is in long-term stewardship.Become the guardian of a thriving future for you to thrive and your organisation to flourish.

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Future-fit your organisation

the workshop

The Think into the Future workshop is a role-play board meeting bringing your team together to explore a specific inquiry. You will be invited to reflect collectively on one transformational question for your organisation.The participants will be attributed guardian roles to represent the interests and needs of one particular stakeholder.The whole team will be invited to reflect systemically about the impact of the organisation to make an informed decision for your organisation to flourish while supporting next-generations to thrive.The workshop is delivered by our team of facilitators.

Think into the Future - tool sustainability

workshop structure

Define the inquiry you would like to work on today as a team. Formulate it as a question.
Get to know the role you will play and start embodying your guardian.
Start reflecting on your needs in relation to today’s inquiry. Think, feel, and see as your guardian will do to inform your decisions.

Discuss with your peers to combine your needs, vision, and ideas about what the inquiry requires for you to resolve it collectively.
Reflect on what the best way to answer today’s question onboarding all opinions and needs. Align on a shared vision.
Set up an actionable roadmap to transform your collective vision into a practical pathway for making a long-lasting impact.

In practice

The Think into the Future workshop enhances decision-making by embedding long-term, holistic thinking.Participants will be invited to assume the role of a guardian, representing various aspects such as next generations, biodiversity, democracy, or community. This immersive exercise will provide you with a unique perspective pioneering new ways of thinking to be ahead of your time.The workshop is designed to foster boldness, transparency, and honesty. It takes approximately 3 hours to run the workshop.Onboard into the future to make your organisation more resilient, human, and impactful, paving the way for pioneering approaches to advance your purpose.

Becoming a future-fit leader

the canvas

Think into the Future Canvas provides you with a set of 9 principles and key questions to reflect on important decisions you need to make.It brings to life a systemic perspective to inform your decisions.The tool is helping leaders to be ahead of their time by making pioneer choices in service to their lives and the future of their organisation.

Canvas tool decision making leaders

9 inspiring principles

What is your unique contribution to the future?
How do you consider the difference you can make for future generations to thrive?
How do you ensure that every decision you make honour and enhance life on Earth?
What opportunities are you creating to respond to risks you could likely experience in the 5, 10 and 30 years to come?

How do you hold space where you and others can collaborate to dream about a thriving future?
How do you move away from old power perspectives to welcome the potential of empowering others, build strong partnerships, and achieve your highest potential?
What does success look like for you, nature, and future generations?
How do you welcome emotions and foster empathy when making decisions?
How do you take responsibility to put your privileges in service to others?

In practice

We all face situations when a big decision needs to be made. Whether in our personal lives or our professional path, there are always moments of truth where our decision can become a game-changer.Think of your annual strategy meeting at work. What if you could plant a seed in your colleagues’ minds to co-create something very special together supporting a thriving future?Think of your next career move. What if you could choose the most appropriate opportunity to safeguard the future of your children and the generations to come?What you will get is not only a better-informed decision, but also a much more innovative lens that will enable you to create something very unique.

get in touch to be supported

We provide facilitation for the Think into the Future Canvas and the Workshop.The Canvas is freely accessible online and therefore accessible for you to start reflecting on your role as an ancestor. We can help you make a deeper sense of the questions and help you advance your inquiry.The Workshop is run by our team of facilitators. We usually ask for a team of 5 to 15 people to join representing the organisation's ecosystem. It takes approximately 3 hours and can be done in person or online.Think into the Future is an Empowering Potential tool.

Think into the Future: A Workshop and Canvas for Sustainable Business Transformation

In today's rapidly evolving world, leaders are faced with an array of complex challenges, from climate disruption and social conflicts to growing inequalities. These issues create an environment of uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, making it difficult for leaders to navigate the path to success.While there is constant pressure to prioritise short-term decisions for quick returns, it is essential to recognise that true value creation lies in long-term stewardship and sustainable business practices. The Think into the Future workshop and canvas are designed to help you become a guardian of a thriving future, enabling both you and your organization to flourish and drive lasting, positive change.The Think into the Future workshop is an engaging, immersive role-play board meeting that brings your team together to explore a specific inquiry.The primary goal is to collectively reflect on a transformational question for your organization, taking into account the needs and interests of various stakeholders.Participants are assigned guardian roles, representing different aspects such as future generations, biodiversity, democracy, or the community. This systemic reflection helps make informed decisions that ensure your organisation flourishes while supporting future generations to thrive.

Canvas tool decision making leaders

Facilitated by our expert team, the Think into the Future workshop enhances decision-making by embedding long-term, holistic thinking. This immersive exercise provides a unique perspective, pioneering new ways of thinking to keep you ahead of your time. The workshop encourages boldness, transparency, and honesty, and typically runs for approximately 3 hours.By participating, you're paving the way for innovative approaches to advance your purpose, make your organisation more resilient, and create a lasting impact on the world.The Think into the Future Canvas complements the workshop by providing a set of 9 principles and key questions to reflect on important decisions. This tool brings a systemic perspective to life, helping leaders make pioneering choices in service to their lives and the future of their organisation.It assists in evaluating the potential consequences of decisions on various aspects such as sustainability, regeneration, and social impact, ensuring that your organisation is future-fit and prepared to face any challenge.The Think into the Future workshop and canvas not only help you make better-informed decisions but also provide a more innovative lens to view your organisation and its role in the world.This lens enables you to create something truly unique, ensuring your organisation's transformation into a sustainable, regenerative, and resilient entity. By embracing this approach, you'll be well-equipped to face any challenge, make a positive impact, and ultimately, build a better future for generations to come.